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May 14 2015

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I do feel lucky… You have to look at your blessings, don’t you? With Thrones, I have to realise that, whatever happens, and for all the stress and the pressure that goes with it, it’s been an extraordinary journey and I know I’ll look back later in my life and think. ‘That was crazy, that was amazing.’ It’s something that very, very few people experience and I love that.- Kit Harington for MrPorter.Com

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Gray Giants formed in the shade of the ashes of the erupting Calbuco Volcano in Southern Chile.

Yo it straight up ashen god is about walk unto the city 

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Illustration by Nicola Scott for Wonder Woman ‘77 based on the classic TV series starring Lynda Carter 

Just got the first issue of this comic today! It came out last week!

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You do know the one with the beautifully colored plumage is the male peacock and it only presents itself like that to attract the plain colored female, right?

So basically the only role your fabulousness has is to impress the plain ol’ me. And I may or may not give a fuck.


the last one omfg im so done

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bad day

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nain​ requested arima from tg

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genes puns are so on point i love it

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yin & yang

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